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“I seek adversity to learn to respond, adapt and understand myself better to be a more authentic story teller.”

Ayeshah Zakiya Rose is a south-east Asian actress and writer. Ayeshah has had numerous roles in television series across Australia and the U.S. Some of her credits include Underbelly, Angel of Mine and Home and Away. In recent times Ayeshah has found her voice as a filmmaker with a natural eye for depth and detail with a focus to examine societal aspects, the human state, culture, mental health and interpersonal relationships. Her directing debut in Me Too (2018), a visual representation of the conversations, allegations and controversies made throughout the Hollywood Me Too epidemic, received positively by numerous festivals globally. Ayeshah is reclaiming her Asian/Pakistani culture and is excited to represent the richness of the combination of culture both in Australia and the USA. Ayeshah, alongside ACCTA nominated director Melissa Anastasi are currently developing a feature film blurring the lines of fiction and documentary- a captivating story, using her life as a metaphor and embracing her multicultural heritage.
About Ayeshah Rose

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