New Zealand born, Australian raised Ayeshah Zakiya-Rose is an actress, writer and philanthropist and director of Equilibri Productions. Ayeshah began acting, writing and making art at a young age to pass time, growing up in rural Queensland. It was a world of imagination and visual arts that allowed her to evolve and form a sense of the world in the midst of a mixed-cultural upbringing. It was film and television that struck her and she pursued with passion as her creative interests were multi-faceted and layered.

Ayeshah has since had numerous roles in television series across Australia and the US. Some of her credits include Underbelly – A Tale of Two Cities, Home and Away, Angel of Mine and Everything in Between. Life Challenge Kokoda- a documentary where Ayeshah trekked the Kokoda Trail in Papua New Guinea to raise awareness and encourage education on Australian history inspired Ayeshah’s drive to explore identity as a theme.

In recent times Ayeshah has found her voice as a writer with a natural eye for depth and detail in examining evolving cultures, interpersonal relationships, social culture and the human condition. Her directing debut in Me Too (2018), a visual representation of the conversations, interviews and reports made on the accusations and offenses made throughout the Hollywood culture, awarded by numerous festivals globally.

Ayeshah is currently in development on a feature film alongside AACTA nominated director/writer Melissa Anastasi Deluge explores the life of a dancer who uses her body and dance as a way of escaping her childhood trauma. She is currently preparing for the role through Sydney Dance Company’s prestigious Pre-Professional Year program.

Ayeshah represents BOS Australia as an ambassador, promotes orangutan conservation along with awareness around deforestation.

Ayeshah is interested in collaborations that explore the above topics and foster authenticity.