Equilibri Productions puts the human condition, interpersonal relationships and culture explorations at the center of every story we discover and develop. We tell stories we directly witness and experience. We move with people, shining a light on the overlooked, allowing us to feel into the world’s changes with hope and persistence to reunite and connect with new perspectives.

In Development ...


Deluge will tell a unique and timely story of the spiraling fallout of a Pakistani-Australian protagonist as she is forced to reckon with the complex experiences of gendered violence, intergenerational trauma, rejection of culture and religious restrictions. Deluge will be told in a wild, expressionistic dance psychological world that takes audiences on a journey of re-emergence from trauma as our protagonist fights to reclaim herself as an artist and human being.

Deluge is supported by Screen Australia, led by AACTA­ nominated writer-director Melissa Anastasi, co-writer Ayeshah Zakiya Rose, and producers Chris Luscri and Hayley Surgenor.

The Ballad of the Bush Mare

A resolute Pashtun girl, Maiwya embarks on a treacherous quest to rescue her mother from a corrupt labor indenture.

InMates (in development with Tilt Media)

Six unaware test subjects become entangled in a twisted, psychological experiment designed by out of towner Jacques.

The Girlfriend Project (2023)

A new love birthed in the midst of a growing pandemic.

Shoulda (2020)

A woman desperate for love and a struggling alcoholic sabotage themselves by masking who they really are in a futile attempt to appeal to one another. The more they mask their true selves the more their chances at a connection dies. Finally finding themselves in an authentic moment has the promise to turn it all around. Will they rise to the challenge or is it too late?

Equilibri Productions

Me Too (2018)

What extremes must women go to for an opportunity to have an opportunity?